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Our anxious minds

Hello all,

Anxiety sucks! I know this because I have anxiety and work with clients everyday who struggle with managing anxiety. Anxiety can be debilitating and at times controlling every aspect of your mind or day. It dictates what you do, how you think, how you act and sometimes how you feel about yourself. Living with anxiety does not always mean that we have to surrender to it. There are options and ways we can manage or gain control back over our minds. It takes time, practice and motivation to continue implementing the skills in everyday life.

Some of the skills I find helpful are always having a mantra. Something we say to ourselves repeatedly to disrupt the anxious thought pattern. Some of my mantras include; "my mind doesn't control my body" and "get it done". It can be anything you wish as a long as you give it power, it will help. Remember, your feelings aren't facts! Just because we think something does not mean its true or will happen. They are just thoughts or feelings.

Some other useful things to know or do include being more mindful of what you are eating/drinking. Limiting or removing caffeine, sugar, and a diet full of carbohydrates can be beneficial. Think of a balanced meal equals balanced body and mind. The last thing we want is to give our body a reason to feel off or different. This will almost always trigger an anxious mind to go down the rabbit hole.

Other techniques that can help stop the anxious mind from full blown panic can be calling a friend, going for a walk, watch a video of something that interest you, or rubbing ice on your face. Yes! I said rub ice on your face!

This can stimulate your nervous system in the complete opposite direction and immediately reduce anxious feelings. For some of the more common ways to manage include journaling, meditation and self help books.

There are countless things you can do to manage or reduce anxiety. Find what works for you and practice till you become an expert. "Get it done!"

These things take time, so as always be kind to yourself.

Resources for anxiety (children and teens):

"Anxiety Relief for Teens" by Regine Galanit PhD

"Me and My Feelings - a kids guide to understanding and expressing themselves" by Vanessa Green Allen MEd, NBCT

"When Harley Has Anxiety" - by Regine Galanti PhD

"Social Skills Activities for Kids" by Natasha Daniels LCSW

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